Give more importance to local talents in KBFC

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We, kerala blasters fans, are extremly worried to see performance of our side in this season. Already the official fanbase has requested you, the management, that we are your supporters and not customers, we deserve something better.

But, here I wish to ask you about your role in this place. Is it development of football in Kerala? or simple profit making? Since inclusion of assistant coach Thangboi Shinto, we are noticing that our local talents are being ignored to core.

As of now, S. Doungel and H. Narzary may be the two players in the list of players playing most minutes for KBFC in 2018-19 season. Also they will appear in the list of players wasting most of the chances. Even today, 29th Nov 2018 against Chennayan FC, we saw the same. Why these players are given more priority when it is evident that its not going to help team in any manner?

We never thought to do a petition like this, but can you please learn something from GOKULAM KERALA FC? They were included in I league last year, and most of the players were new. If they can find local talents and develop them in such a good manner, WHY CAN'T YOU? And, its very hard to remind you that you stands well behind this team in AFC rankings

Instead of looking for players outside please place such a person in position of assistant coach who knows the pulse of the place.


we request you to make necessary changes soon..