For all B​.​C Hair and Makeup Institutions to have a more inclusive curriculum

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To Owners, Directors, Coordinators, Administrators and Teachers of Beauty School Institutions of B.C.

As a professional Makeup Artist of colour I would like to bring forth and discuss ways to improve education and training when it comes to servicing clients of colour. Hopefully by bringing up this important issue, it will result in a better understanding from a former student's perspective and will bring some changes to current curriculums.

While I am aware the way classes are structured (practicing on peers) make it difficult to include our small black community, we as students who turned to artistry as a career, lose the education and hands on experience needed to be successful and well rounded artists. Myself and other graduates feel that there needs to be more education on textured hair and deeper skin tones, as well as a more inclusive hair/makeup kit.

In addition, I have noticed that many models, actors and clients of colour bring their own makeup to appointments with the expectation that students and graduates cannot properly meet their needs. Time and time again I have encountered other artists that have no idea how to approach deep skin tones and texture hair on shoots which I find to be unacceptable. I believe this could change with more in-depth knowledge and practice while studying at your institutions. I could not imagine sitting in a “Professionals” chair only to realize that they cannot service me because they don’t know how to work with the colour of my skin or the texture of my hair. I feel frustrated and hurt for all the people who have had to experience that and I promise to personally continue my education as well as advocate for a better education for others.

Below are personal experiences from Students, Grads and Clients.

“ I have been struggling for years in this industry. As a model, the fact that I always need to come with my own makeup box is insane to me but I have no choice. Some fail to do my makeup even with the correct products I provide. I would always hate my makeup but I didn’t have the courage to speak up. Now I do my own makeup for shoots and anything else. I literally have 2-3 artists i'll allow to work on my face, Chrissey Leyburn being one of them...I am tired.”
- Anyiech Chut ( Model)

“I felt sad we didn’t have the opportunity to learn about black hair and work with deep tones. I really wanted to know how to better protect hair but we just didn’t go over that”

- Recent JCI Graduate

“ I completely agree, I had to find models with deeper skin tones and learn on my own after graduation. That was one of the most disappointing things about my education and training”

- VFS Graduate

“ As a graduate from Blanche, I had to take it upon myself to learn deeper complexions. I wish I got that education in school”

- Blanche Graduate


In conclusion, while I appreciate and cherish the training I have had. I do think that we need to make a change. As people who are so passionate about beauty and learning we need to do better and accommodate the beautiful people of colour in our community. Makeup is my world and in my world everyone deserves the absolute best.