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The feeling-of-secured of workers at work is important. The security for the board members of worker union during delivering their activities to fight for the workers demands is also very important. This, is one of the reasons for the worker union of PT. Ceres Meiji Indotama Karawang (Indonesia) to go on strike.

The leadership of PT. CMI, a leading biscuit product company in Indonesia, which is also a joint with the Meiji Group in Japan, has felt the fire impacted by the plan to go on strike by the workers. What are the reasons for the strike?  

The brief is as follows:

1.    The worker Union of PT CMI (hereafter called SP. CMI) was formed on April 2012 and affiliated to the Federation of People Worker Union (FSPK). Since then, the union has been fighting against the contract system, outsourcing, blackmailing, and social insurance for workers.

2.    The union membership has reached 85 % of the total workers.

3.    On June 2012, the union has been succeeded to fight for 286 contract-based workers to be appointed as permanent workers without any disputes/resistance.  

However, apparently, what has been done by the union has driven some individuals in the company and the owner of the outsourcing company got furious. Then, intentionally, the owner of the outsourcing company asked for photographs of the vice and chairperson of the union to the HR Manager of PT. CMI. Shortly, the photographs were then used by some people ordered by the owner of outsourcing company to go to Eman Sulaeman’s house. Eman Sulaeman is the Chairpersonof the Union.  

For what? It is of course to make sure that the union’s struggles stop. After going through a long investigation, the union finally managed to find the perpetrator who release the photos. The Union demanded the management to immediately give strict punishment to the perpetrator. According to the worker union, workers’ photos are alos company asset as the products’ formula. If there are some people who release the product formula to public,the company must get very angry, but why when the workers’ photos released for unlawful purposes, we have to keep quiet and not allowed to be angry?  

Go on-Strike is taken as option since negotiationsand recommendation of the union are not responded properly and the company seemed to protect the perpetrator.  

The Strike will be done on 19, 20, and 21 November 2012.

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