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Own stocks? For the love of animals, vote your proxy ballots.


It's easy to feel like big corporations control the fate of the world. But the truth is, those companies are owned and controlled by shareholders -- regular people like us -- and shareholders can determine how companies help or hurt causes like protecting the welfare of animals.

Many animal welfare resolutions are up for vote this year. If you own shares in a company and care about animal welfare, it's important to make your voice heard and vote your proxy ballots when you can.

Shareholders have already made a difference. Pressure by shareholders of Denny’s Corporation convinced the company to start using cage-free eggs for part of their overall egg supply.

Because their shareholders spoke up, this company is now mindful of the production methods used by their suppliers and the detrimental effect that could have on the animals that help supply critical ingredients to their restaurants.

You too can make a big difference for causes you care about. Vote your proxy ballots to support animal welfare using Moxy Vote.

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