Postpone OWF Sidewalk Project until Post COVID Quarantine

Postpone OWF Sidewalk Project until Post COVID Quarantine

March 31, 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by Vanessa Konkol


MAJOR HEALTH CONCERNS FOR OWF RESIDENTS if sidewalk project minimizes our exercise space during statewide shelter-in-place ordinance.

It is an indirect contradiction to the Governor’s instruction in addition to being a direct contradiction to the OWF safety instructions listed in the email copied below, which was sent to OWF residents on 3/23/2020.  To begin this project now, when over 700 OWF homeowners and 4000+ residents are being mandated to stay home is UNACCEPTABLE AND DANGEROUS, as it minimizes our walking space during a health crisis where we are being instructed - BY LAW - to stay away from others for our safety and for our lives!

Please sign and share if you are in favor of rescheduling this sidewalk improvement project until safety restrictions are lifted.  WE NEED OUR SPACES OPEN NOW MORE THAN EVER!

MEMO EMAILED TO: Oakwell Farms Homeowners Association. (March 23, 2020)

Dear Oakwell Farms Homeowners and Residents,

We have all read and watched the news about COVID-19 on television, on the internet, and in the newspapers.  The public has been asked to “social distance”, keeping interactions down to small groups.  Additionally, we just learned today that Mayor Nirenberg of San Antonio and Country Commissioner Judge Wolff are considering a mandated “shelter-in-place” FOR San Antonio and Bexar County.

In response to numerous queries and the continuing information from the CDC regarding COVID-19 and precautions recommended, the Oakwell Farms Board has made the decisions to close the Oakwell Farms clubhouse and fenced swimming pool area, effective immediately.  While we are not able to “close” the playground area, we would caution you about using the playground.  We are unable to keep the area sanitized and therefore the playground equipment could be a possible source of contamination.

Regarding the walking trail, the original construction plan was to construct one-half (1/2) of the trail at a time.  That would leave the other half of the trail open for use.  If you use the walking trail, 1) we encourage you to keep in mind the recommended space between individuals and 2) we continue to request that you NOT pick-up or pile up fallen brush and branches as our Grounds Crew will not be able to haul that trash away in time for construction to take place.  If the mandated shelter-in-place occurs, it is likely that all our construction projects will come to a temporary halt.

These topics are also on the agenda for the March OWF HOA Board Meeting this Thursday.

We will make every effort to keep you well informed of decisions related to COVID -19 and Oakwell Farms.

Stay healthy.

Beverly Alcott, President, Oakwell Farms Homeowners Association Board



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Signatures: 37Next Goal: 50
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