Stop sexualizing what females wear to school . FIX OUR DRESS CODE

It ridiculous for us women not being able to wear CLOTHING, that WE are COMFORTABLE and CONFIDENT in. I can’t wear a simple tank top or cute shirt, I can’t wear jeans that are in the BACK TO SCHOOL clothes haul at certain stores like American Eagle or Abercrombie ect... and I can’t wear shorts because my arms are long (fingertip length is ridiculous).
Men need to learn to control themselves if it’s an issue to them on what we are wearing, and plus I know that if you went around to ask ANY boy in MY school if are clothing makes them uncomfortable they would say no.. So for the sake of women’s rights and the upcoming generations self confidence, please sign this petition and make this the right way for us women.

sydney cundiff, Owensboro, KY, United States
3 months ago
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