Save the Muni Arts Centre

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Once again, the Muni Arts Centre is under threat as it was closed by the previous management on 22nd December 2018. Unless we rally together to protect this popular and important venue, decision makers may not know how important this venue is to you. 

For decades, the Muni Arts Centre has been a colourful cornerstone of the valleys music scene, a community hub for local theatre and dance performances and a popular daytime venue for older people.  Those who have been to the Muni have fallen in love with their favourite band, with acting, dancing, the lovely food or possibly each other! 

It's a venue that advocates freedom of expression for local people, to promote and nurture everyone that has something to say through performance or as a participant in a cultural or community experience and has had the best intentions for the creative community in its heart. 

Those who have worked hard there know with the right management, it can be a huge success.  

We cannot stress to you how vital it is that we act NOW to reinforce to the decision makers the cultural, community and artistic importance of this space. We know they are as concerned as some of you are but we need to show them that you are there and you care!