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Reverse Mercy Changes

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I got Overwatch on July 2nd, 2016. I have put almost 500 hours into the game, mostly on the hero Mercy. Blizzard, the company that created Overwatch, changed her so much since I and so many more people started playing her. Just recently she had her ultimate ability changed completely for the worse, and now they're making more changes that are making her even worse to play. She was perfectly fine for over a year, but was just changed. Mercy is the most picked hero on Overwatch and these changes have a lot of other Mercy mains angry or upset. I've talked to a few that have considered completely uninstalling Overwatch back when her first few changes went live. A lot of people are unhappy with her changes, even people that don't play her. More than a few people would prefer her to be how she was before the changes to her ultimate. I fear that if this petition doesn't work, Blizzard will only make her worse and worse.

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