Petition to have Brigitte temporarily removed from competitive until she is ready and fair

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Currently (the beginning of Season 10) Brigitte has just been brought into competitive. I personally, and many other players, believe that Brigitte is extremely unbalanced and, in some cases, broken. We're not asking Blizzard to remove her completely, or nerf her into the ground, however some changes to her kit/playstyle would definitely benefit us all.

Firstly, it feels that Brigitte is able to constantly have someone stunned due to her very short stun cooldown alongside the length of her stun. Maybe Blizzard could put a 7/8 second cooldown and shorten the length of the stun? Obviously, stun is still an ability in her kit so it shouldn't become useless, but maybe a little more balanced

Secondly, sometimes it feels that Brigitte feels impossible to kill mid team fight. She gains so much healing from her passive alongside her armour and it feels that mid team fight where everyone is brawling, she is almost impossible to kill. If you try and burst her down, she can just stun and then flail and gains all of her armour back, and the armour is extremely hard to break through. In relation to her teammates, this seems fine, maybe a little hard to break through but this is fine.

Blizzard, just take a look what the bringing of this hero has done to some of our community favourites. xQc seems close to quitting as he falls out of love with a game he once cherished. Main tank players are having such a hard time as they get stunned so frequently that playing the role is painful. A phrase "cc the game" has become popular and it simply means you just use stuns and other similar abilities to win, not team work.

Please, consider our statements and reasons. We would really appreciate any sort of response, just to see that you listen to us.

Many thanks,

                      The Overwatch Community.

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