Overturn confession obtained while heavily sedating oneself in front of the judge during the trial

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Overturn confession obtained while heavily sedating oneself in front of the judge during the trial

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Wesley LittleSr started this petition to Davis Bozeman Law Firm, P.C. Mawuli Mel Davis and

Wesley O’Hara Little, Sr., is the owner of Jubilee Diversified Services, a remodeling company looking to establish roots in the Atlanta area with hopes of helping to revitalize the Westside home market through foundation to roof remodels and sales. Currently, and today, I have a business license that allows me to do contracting projects in North Carolina. Wesley attended Austin Peay State University in Clarksville, Tennessee where he studied business administration and food service preparation which led to a long career in the United States Army as an army security agent, food service officer and finally as an Army Recruiter in White Plains, NY until an injury ended his career. Wesley was also an Assistant Pastor at his dad’s church in Emporia, Va helping to transform lives.


Research Wake County, NC 2001 cases for St of NC vs Wesley O. Little and see that money that was accounted for in the business went to the employees/accusers and not the owner which was me. Unconstitutional, illegal and maliciously injuring prosecution ending in what is known in the legal world as false arrest and the unconstitutional imprisonment of client resulting from bad to poor representation, if at all, in a court of law which now must lead to the exoneration of former client and his recovery for damages.




·      >   Originated in Wake County and is ending in Mecklenburg County

·      >   234,000.00 money in question at trial

·       >  180,000.00 of the 234,000.00 went to employees-accusers salaries

·      >   Remainder went to business expenses

·      >   Owner Never-ever saw 100,000.00 for personal use

·       >  No embezzlement equals False imprisonment, Cruel and unusual punishment causing irreparable injury and damage as detailed in this request to be given a civil/criminal defense attorney with an investigative team to carry this case to exoneration.

Hugo stole business records from jury trial belonging to client Wesley O. Little, Sr proving that the accusers were paid over 180,000.00 in salaries. Hugo lied to the North Carolina Bar by saying that he would return the documents to Little and to this day never has, blocking any attempt for him to get back into court to prove his innocence of charges for a chance at being exonerated. Hugo famous last words were, do your time, nobody is going to believe a black guy anyway. He lied to the public defender of Mecklenburg County North Carloina and said the same thing that he would send the evidence and never did causing me to be forced to do another 11 months in prison on top of the seven years I had already done for doing exactly what the law had allowed me to do in the first place




Wesley is taking aim at the conduct of prosecutors, investigators and his own defense attorney from a faulty conviction in Wake County, NC in 2001. This is in an attempt to convince a judge that an illegally convicted person, Wesley O. Little, Sr deserves a new trial. He was wrongly targeted for the loss of $234,000, while other possible suspects were purposely ignored. This lawsuit claims officers ignored leads and evidence that pointed toward the accusers as suspects. It also alleges that ADA Ripley Rand, another defendant in the lawsuit, campaigned with the accusers while vying for the position of judge, bringing politics into the case.

Wesley’s case was a marred by false arrest, malicious prosecution, falsifying and fabrication of evidence, and the purposeful withholding of exculpatory material, purposefully destroying business records proving the money he is accused of stealing was actually paid by him to the accusers who were his employees and never delivered more jobs as hired to do forcing the company into a bankrupted status.

The Plaintiff was defamed, suffered stigmatizing-plus injuries related to public humiliation, damage to his reputation, loss of employment, loss of personal associations and loss of the benefits of liberty, and as a result, his rights to due process were thereby violated, the lawsuit states including unconstitutional imprisonment forcing him to plea to being guilty by the looks on the faces of the jurors to a term of 5 years in prison instead of 40 years to life. Later Wesley found out that he never committed a crime and had he continued with the jury trial by firing his attorney he could have more likely than not been found not guilty by reasonable doubt, etc… Wesley was also not allowed to continue his trial for a more appropriate time to give him a few days to recover from a sedative overdose while talking to the judge in front of the jurors.

Wesley is focusing on Attorney Michael P. Hugo of Raleigh, NC and Judge Ripley Rand of
Wake County, NC in this request for representation in order to obtain requested relief.  Hugo needs to brought up on charges for illegally destroying key evidence between him and his former client, ADA of Mecklenburg County, NC, and others. Did Hugo hide this evidence to protect himself in the obstruction of justice probe against him? This only makes it worse.


Clearly, the destruction and/or concealment of Wesley’s business records to include pay statements and payment receipts leads to the reasonable conclusion that they refute the decision to convict and so it was concealed from the jury trial by defense counsel.

Wesley accuses Hugo and Rand of prosecutorial misconduct, claiming they violated Wesley's right to a fair trial more than a decade + ago. 

If Wesley can prove at least one "Brady violation" occurred, a judge will typically overturn the conviction and order a new trial, A Brady violation is defined as the prosecution's failure to disclose evidence to the defense team, depriving a criminal defendant of a fair trial.  This case is worse. It appears the defense was working with the prosecutor in that it failed to present exculpatory evidence that would have shown that Little was not guilty of the crimes he was charged with. It's a rule that's designed to even the playing field because prosecutors typically, of course, have all the power in having access to information which in this case there was no defense attorney present to represent Mr. Little at his botched jury trial.

Uncovering a Brady violation on the issue of whether Hugo and Rand left the Little property alive would be vitally important. This is very strong evidence, In theory, evidence suggesting that Wesley Little paid money to accusers in the form of salaries to the tune of $180,000 expecting a return on his investment in the form of a sincerely large production of remodeling jobs would be compelling evidence. But now a finding of gross prosecutorial misconduct finding that the newly discovered evidence never presented to the courts of Mr. Little’s innocence was credible, would likely have led to a much different verdict had his trial jury heard it, i.e. not guilty.



To win this type of case, it must be proven that former defense attorney: Fiduciary. An individual in whom another has placed the utmost trust and confidence to manage and protect property or money. The relationship wherein one person has an obligation to act for another's benefit.

1.         owed me a duty to competently represent me.

2.         my lawyer breached that duty.

3.         my lawyer's breach caused me to suffer more than a financial loss.



 Asking a reputable judge to exact a ruling of exoneration upon the plaintiff to include this statement: Asking the judge who tosses out the conviction to call the conduct of the prosecutor, the DA’s office, and my former defense attorney “shameful” and a “tragedy.” The facts heretofore would never support such a charge. If you have anyone to blame, blame those who sought to make this case about something it was not and whose inflammatory rhetoric pushed the plaintiff for a lack of effective and constitutional representation to be ill-advised causing a press for a level of offense they could have never been established had it not been for the malicious and irreparable miscarriage of justice by one Hugo.


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