Protect Women and Children from Ride Share Predators!

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In recent years there have been hundreds of reports involving women and children being assaulted by their Uber or Lyft driver.  While Uber and Lyft have background checks and even an emergency button in the app, I don't think these safeguards are enough.

There needs to be a bill called, The Safer Rides Act, to prevent further victimization from happening.

Under this bill these companies will have to prioritize safety of there passengers over profits by making changes to the platform. I've thought of a few ideas to make the ride share experience safer below.  Let me know if you have any other ideas to add to this.

Sign this petition to:

  1. Require that your id is scanned before starting a ride to ensure you're 18.
  2. Require rides to be video recorded and audited periodically or when a customer feels uncomfortable or sends in a complaint.
  3. Require an actual picture of the car that's picking you up.
  4. Raise the age limit to download the App from ages 4+ to 18.
  5. Require companies to create safe guards in there software (i.e. when user is dropped off at home they are required to enter a password within 5 minutes of there drop off, if they don't the phone will automatically alert local law enforcement.  Another option could be if the ride that supposed to take 10 minutes ends up taking 25 minutes, the driver should automatically be called.  If the driver doesn't answer alert law enforcement.
  6. No longer settle sexual assault crimes using non-disclosure agreements.  Victims should never be silenced.

Join the movement in protecting women and children from ride share predators.  Please sign this petition.

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