Hydrate America "Chug Challenge for Charity" Sponsored by The Giving Water

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TheGivingWater started this petition to Las Vegas, Nevada Hydrating America Chug Challenge Sponsored by The Giving Water and

The Giving Water is out to Hydrate America! 

America is not sick; American's are just chronically dehydrated. Dehydration is at an all-time high with over 75% + of All American's chronically dehydrated. It is time for American's to drink up by taking the “Chug Challenge for Charity” to www.HydrateAmeric.org. It is easy and fun, hydrating, challenging, and must be done so we can provide free bottled water for America to hydrate.

We have created a fun way for America to Hydrate with a ripple effect that flows from coast to coast and opens the floodgates to giving, providing for others, and hydrating all. The "Chug Challenge for Charity" Now is the time to not only hydrate but to donate and hydrate your heart also by taking the chug challenge to Hydrate yourself and America.

INSTRUCTION: On The "Chug Challenge for Charity" to Hydrate America

1. Follow TheGivingWater on all Social Media. We want to know we are hydrating together. Remember to TAG US and the person(s) you are challenging.
2. CHUG any bottle or glass of water. Video yourself while you CHUG any bottle or Glass of Water and shout out to a challenge a friend. Feel free to mention who you are and what you do.
3. CHALLENGE friends and family too. Remember to TAG US & Them in the post.
4. NOW make a small DONATION to hydrate your heart
5. Download your video on our website at HydrateAmerica.org and/or on social media and share it with us and the person you have challenged. 
6. NOW YOU HAVE HYDRATED YOUR HEART AND HELPING AMERICA HYDRATE. Remember also upload your “Chug Challenge for Charity” video to www.HydrateAmeric.org  or www.TheGivingWater.org 

Taking the "Chug Challenge" to Hydrate America is a fantastic way to hydrate and give back by providing for others at the same time. It is fun, hydrating for the whole and family!!! Just take a video of you taking the “Chug Challenge for Charity” CHUG/drinking a water bottle or glass of water and challenge someone else to take the “Chug Challenge for Charity” to Hydrate America Sponsored by The Giving Water. Then upload your video on social media and tag and hashtag TheGivingWater and we will promote your video as well. You can also go to our website and upload your video so the communities can you giving and staying hydrated. www.TheGivingWater.org   www.HydrateAmerica.org   

Do You Have A Hydration Plan?

We plan when we get up and when we go to bed. We plan all activities; we plan meals, drive time, us time, work time, on time, off time, free time, and playtime. We are always planning. Do you ever plan when or how you will hydrate throughout the day? Probably do not as only about 25% of all American’s plan their hydration to remain hydrated and functioning and living life at 100%. That means that 75% of ALL AMERICANS ARE CHRONICALLY DEHYDRATED! Don’t you want to be in the top 25% of all Americans?

Then planning how much water you should drink, take your weight and divide it in half in ounces. For example, you weigh 160 lbs divided by 2 = 80 then make those ounces; 80 oz of water is what should be consumed each day. That is 10 - 8oz glasses of water or 4.73, 5 – 16.9 bottles of water by The Giving Water to HydrateAmeric.org. Then going outside or planning an activity always bringing enough water for you and others.

Also, don't forget to make a plan to take The Giving Water "Chug Challenge for Charity" to Hydrate America

If you are a parent, remember your kids do what you do. Show them early how important hydration is by hydrating often and drinking water all throughout the day. Have the kids drink with you, make it part of your family fun. You and your family can take the “Chug Challenge for Charity” to Hydrate America. Please download your “Chug Challenge” video at www.HydrateAmeric.org

We know water is the cure and drinking the cure is the only way to break the cycle of dehydration. While allowing people to give within their budgets, and receive freely, therefore breaking the poverty cycle of giving and receiving, protecting and saving lives. Hydrating America so we can think clearer, have a healthier life, creating a more prosperous and purposeful life for all Americans.

Our Mission: To Hydrate America by providing free bottled water to people in disaster and those in need while allowing every American to give freely without sacrifice.


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At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!