Outwoods Edge Parents Wanting Full Fridays.

Outwoods Edge Parents Wanting Full Fridays.

1 March 2021
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Outwoods Edge Primary School
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Started by Rebecca Kenne

Outwoods Edge Primary School have reduced the school day, on Fridays, from a 3pm finish to a 1pm finish.  Parents were initially told about this proposal on 12th February 2021 and asked to provide feedback (before the weeks half term - which lead to a lot of parents feeling stressed, worried and with a lot of question all week). Parents were then told on 22nd February 2021 that the early closure would be going ahead on an initial 3 week trial basis and sent a FAQ sheet.  This is effectively only 2 weeks notice which is not sufficient for many parents during this challenging time. What is this a trial for? Permanent change?

This decision reduces our children’s education  by 2 hours a week with no suggestion or indication of making up this time. During a year when children have missed so much school already to limit it even further jeopardises their education even more. When the government is talking about ensuring children can catch up and proving “catch up funds” to support schools and lowering Covid restrictions it seems a bad decision to lessen contact time, pushing kids even further behind. 

It is also a concern that the schools approach to meeting attendance targets is to say “the children will still be registered twice per day making up the required 380 school ‘sessions’ per year.” Despite the fact they won’t be getting 380 sessions and they will be signed in as they go home.  Is this not fraudulent? Then dressing this up by saying “the children are usually exhausted by the end of the school week” Implying Fridays are a waste of time anyway.  This is my child’s education we’re talking about!  

There has been no transparency with this decision, although the messages mention other options being discussed and considered. Parents haven’t been informed what other options where looked at or what the outcome of the ‘proposal form’ was and other than to say the right people were consulted there is no proof or evidence of this. 

Unfortunately with how this has been handled (and in a sadly informal manner) there are concerns this will become a permanent change to the school. We, the below signed members of the Outwoods Edge community,  would like clarity and transparency on this situation. We would like to know the results of the ‘proposal forms’ and get details of the other options that were considered. We expect a much greater notice period if this is something to go ahead and expect full support and communication with Ofstead, DfE and the school governors (not just the Chair).  

Ultimately we would like the Friday school day to finish at 3pm. 



This petition made change with 32 supporters!

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