Outlaw organized community stalking/harassment & trauma based mind control.

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Greetings. My name is Nizin R. Lopez, I'm a 43 year old Cuban-American Artist based in Miami/Fla (I'm a U.S. citizen). I want to denounce a hideous crime that is being perpetrated against me here in USA: Contract stalking sponsored by governmental institutions. Yes, I am a targeted individual, I've been experiencing covert harassment sponsored by the authorities since Jan 2011. This thing ruined my life. You might be saying to yourself: "What exactly is organized stalking?"

Well, this is not easy to explain. One could say that contract stalking is bullying on steroids based on the choice reference patterns of the victim. Organized stalking, covert harassment, or community based mobbing is a pretty much a form of political repression, extra judicial punishment. Organized Stalking is a secret program of the U.S. Government designed to destroy Targeted Individuals emotionally and psychologically through dark neuro-linguistic programming and negative aversive stimuli. We're talking here about State sponsored psychological terrorism in the name of social engineering.

And before I continue, yes, I know there are good people in the FBI, yes there are good people working in the Fusion Centers, yes there are good people in the police. I understand this...but the bottom line is, corrupt people in the government are behind this classified program and they are destroying lives...no question about it.

As far as the organized harassment done to me every single time I go out into the general public...the unjust systematic harassment is done by a group of people in an organized fashion using unethical means to torment, preoccupy, agitate, intimidate, and terrorize the isolated victim 24/7 no matter where he goes: community based mobbing done by civilians (some people call this "community oriented policing"). The Targeted Individual is exposed to a stressor outside the range of usual human experience, he is terrorized 365 days a year, 24/7...until he finally breaks down, after years of indescribable psychological abuse (he is kept in a state of anxiety and hyper-vigilance). Most victims of this program end up homeless, in jail, or in psychiatric institutions...discredited, with no support system, broken in spirit.

Once a targeted individual is labelled as "mentally unfit" his credibility is out of the window. Overall, organized stalking is a secret illegal long-term unconstitutional program designed to neutralize politically incorrect free thinkers that are labelled as undesirables, even if they are innocent-harmless law abiding citizens that pose no real threat to anyone.

Who are the "operatives" recruited by the authorities that constantly harass the targeted individual in an organized fashion? They are called "Surveillance Role Players" or "Citizens on Patrol", they believe they are patriots and heroes serving a noble cause. They come from all types of social backgrounds...we're talking here about men, women, old, young, rich, poor…etc. These people are brainwashed into believing that the target is a really bad person: a terrorist, a murderer, or a sex offender (a rapist or a child molester). We're talking here about a professional character assassination campaign, a clandestine civil-military operation. Basically, Law Enforcement and the Intelligence community using the civilian sector as irregular forces.

Keep in mind that the Targeted Individual is also subjected to directed energy weapons and other forms of psychological torture that are based on DNA profiling (the frequency of the target's DNA is used to fine tune the technology). In our modern days the government has access to a sophisticated wireless technology known as 'trans-cranial stimulation' (Remote Neuro Influencing). This secret technology enables the guys in Fusion Centers for example to insert "thoughts, words, phrases, images, impulses, dream videos, etc" into the target's psyche...especially if the highly traumatized victim is in an altered state. We're talking here about synthetic telepathy pretty much, a system of neuro-cognitive warfare (trauma-based mind control). All the experiences of the T.I. are stored in a super computer that predicts behavior based on past choices, the computer literally resonates with the bio-frequency of the target. We're talking here are a reverse-engineering/behavioral modification program, a military experiment...non-therapeutic non-consensual human experimentation.

So, on one hand we got heavy overwhelming multi layered harassment, then black ops neuro-weapons capable of depriving a person of sleep.....a perfected breakdown tactic on the human will. So, who exactly is behind this personality disintegration program? Obviously....corrupt folks that work for the government: the FBI is behind this, the folks in Fusion Centers are behind this, the local Police is involved of course...all the institutions of state are complicit in this insane covert harassment thing known as organized stalking.

Not so long ago, the State Dept spokeswoman Elizabeth Trudeau acknowledged that the Russian Intelligence was using unethical means in order to harass U.S. diplomats in Russia....not so long ago mainstream media legitimized the experience of the U.S. diplomats in Cuba and in China who experienced sonic attacks (microwave weapons). But if I say that I am being unjustly and systematically harassed in America by people that work for the government, then I am delusional and paranoid...I'm a conspiracy theorist...right?

If you're reading this I ask you the following: How would you feel if you would know that corrupt people in Law Enforcement are going around in your neighborhood telling people that you are a terrorist, a serial killer, or a sex offender? A defamation campaign....a professional character assassination campaign.

This is how they recruit "Citizens on patrol" that will be willing to mess with you every time you are in the general public: Street theater, noise campaigns, acts of provocation, mimicking, rude behavior, invasion of space, engineered collisions, orchestrated synchronicities, entrapment, electronic harassment...etc. This is the kind of thing I've been experiencing since January 2011 until now.

There are thousands of targeted individuals in America, thousands of lives ruined by this torture program....and nobody gives a shit. So, my petition to the U.S. Government: please, stop this classified torture program!

Thank you for your time, bye.