Outdoor recreational meca or industrial mining site

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There is an application for a Basalt mine just 2 kilometres from our small community of Ring Creek that has potential threats to our way of life. Such threats include noise pollution from the mining process, which includes heavy equipment operation, blasting, haulage trucks etc. This operation would also contribute to loss of vegetation, loss of wildlife habitat, damage to waterways due to soil contamination and air contamination. Water contamination is an unacceptable consequence. We are an off grid community that has been allotted water usage by the crown. Water is humankind’s one basic necessity. This mine proposal is located amongst many small creeks that tie into Mamquam River, one of our largest salmon run rivers. Erosion, dust, bushfire risk and imminent damage to the Ring Creek community are all huge factors. The infrastructure of our two bridges are a factor as well. The bridges are not built to maintain the wait of dump trucks filled with stone. Ring Creek is home to a large, well used and well loved network of mountain bike trails.  The Diamondhead trails are part of a larger set of outdoor recreation activities that take place both in and outside of Garibaldi Park. While the trails are constructed and maintained by mountain bikers, they are loved and used by a wide-range of outdoor enthusiasts.  This includes hikers, trail runners, dog walkers, cross country skiers, ice climbers, snow shoer’s and other non-motorized activities. We all share one road in and out, and we strongly believe that there’s no place for industrial activity in proximity to this outdoor Mecca.
This petition is an outreach to the community of trail users to express their position on the proposal and communicate the size of our user group to the Ministry of Energy and Mines, alongside the local and regional governments who are also opposed to this plan at the SLRD area D, Ring Creek community.
Quite simply - if you love the trails on Garibaldi park road and want to see them preserved against an industrial activity that would destroy them, please add your name to this petition and join the initiative.