STOP the NB Government from extending Sunday big game hunting days.

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With the proposed changes to the legislation regarding hunting in NB, hunting will be extended to include EVERY SUNDAY from Thanksgiving to December 31 each year. According to our Premier this is an added 11-12 SUNDAYS for hunting. This will restrict those of us who would like to enjoy our trails and woodlands for hiking, biking, walking, and horseback riding. This will impact individuals, groups, families, horseback riders who enjoy the Fall weather free from Black flies, mosquitoes, horse flies, moose flies, and BULLETS.  Recent research results show that there were approximately 1,000 accidental hunting accidents in  Canada and the USA, and approximately 75 deaths in 2018.  I am aware of posted “No Hunting” signs, as well as Hunter Safety Training.  I have been in the woods, fields, or on dirt roads in the countryside and have heard gunshots close by.  Bullets don’t know where a property lines end. Someone can take a shot, have it miss its target and end up in the body of a family member, hiker, horse, horseback rider.  The provincial government needs to recognize that the greater population of New Brunswickers are not hunters. We are CITIZENS and TAXPAYERS who want to enjoy our lovely province. Please sign this petition and share it. Contact your MLAs. Hunting is not the only big moneymaker in NB.  
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