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Oust the UK Government: hold a general election now.

This government is not working in the interests of the citizens of the UK.

No one voted for these changes to the NHS, cuts to public services, rising unemployment or the vindictieve perscution of the disabled, working housholds receiving housing benefit and other welfare claimants. Not to mention that 500,000 housholds with starving children are now having to use food banks, while Mr Cameron gives other countries £375 million of taxpayers money to combat 'child hunger'.
The government is cutting £20Bn per year from public spending while tax loop-holes cost us £120Bn per year in lost taxes.

And with MP's being caught in 'cash for questions', yet again.

The national debt hasn't fallen by 25% as the government claims. In 2010, when this government came in, the national debt was £800 Bn, it's now at £1.2 Trillion, thats an increse of 40%.

Enough is enough no more lies. It's time for a fresh start and a change of government.

We demand a general election now.

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  • Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and Leader of the Conservative Party
    David Cameron MP

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