Oakland is Not for Sale! Stop Oakland School Closures and Consolidations

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Scrap the blueprint for Quality schools, and declare a moratorium on all future and currently planned school closures until the summer of 2022, unless approved by a majority of all relevant representative bodies of affected schools (SSC, faculty & staff, etc.). This will allow us to wait for the probable passage of the Schools and Communities First Act in the fall of 2020, and assess the impact of the massive increase in funding that should result. Channel all OUSD funding earmarked for supporting mergers to the highest need schools that were to be affected.

Dismantle the schools to prison pipeline. Don't fund the Alameda County probation camp while starving traditional Public Schools. Eliminate OUSD police in accordance with the Black Organizing Project's People's Plan and demand that OUSD redirect the OUSD police budget to restorative practices at high-needs schools.

Fight back against the Charter School takeover of Oakland Public Schools. Reverse the Community of Schools board policy (BP6006) that will help turn the rest of our traditional Public Schools over to Charter School Management Companies.

Activate the Oakland community in reforming and making decisions around OUSD finances.