#OurFutureOurRight: Australian support for a UN General Resolution on Climate Justice

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We all know that urgent climate action is needed for climate change and that change needs to happen at a local, state and national level. 

But we also need change to happen at a global level because that is the level that international standards of behaviour for countries are set. That is why the 'I am Climate Justice Movement' is going to the United Nations and the World Court. 

We need countries to understand that they have a duty to protect LIFE, as all citizens of our earth face the increasingly severe impacts of climate change. At the moment, no duty exists

This will heavily influence local, state and national policy to be more climate focused and help us in achieving a future for Australia we can all be secure in. 

It will also assist smaller countries, who have contributed the least to climate change but will suffer the most, from the impacts we know are coming and others that cannot yet be predicted. 

Please help us send an urgent message to Australia and ALL countries that they need to protect LIFE in the face of climate crisis, for our generation and those to come. 

Please join us in our legal fun and support this petition!