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Lets fight against the root cause of all social evils ie. Caste.Be the change. govt can do it by passing a law just like law was passed to abolish sati system from india.

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abolition of caste could be the solution of major social evils present in our society.

1. intercaste marriages/love marriages:

by abolishing caste one can marry to their loved ones which can be the boon to fight for all social violence that may be marital rape,male dominism,internal violence,some extent to rape,sexual abuse.

2.status of women in our society:

where a love marriage is propagated,women will have equal say in the a part of their household activity or family planning.

3. proper implementation of all social schemes runby the government:

all financial and civil plans  would be total failure, if socially we are weak.none the the plans and schemes can be implemented well in such a society.

4.Hybridisation of talents and skills:

a new baby will inherit the skills of both father and mother beloning to different cultural sects.

5.removal of discrimination:

by love marriages discrimination would be diluted,hence hierarchy based on caste could be eliminated.

6:reservation based on caste:

reservation based on caste can be eliminated,and benefit could reach to the needy irrespective of caste. politics based on caste:

if there will be no caste,no caste based politics could be practiced by any party.hence democracy will be the winner.

8.abuse of low profile labourers:

low job profile workers are seen by their caste names and they are abused by the upper rich society.

solution to abolish caste will come politically just like a law was passed to abolish sati system in 1830's.A same kind of law is  required.

A law should be enacted to create a class just like genral obc st sc,a new class is the need where people can voluntarily admit themselves by giving up their caste.

we are living in a lake which has been polluted becuase of such social evils and we are not having any escape from such life.if new passage will not be made then how can we clean ourselves.Answer to this will come out politically.

other solution could be that young lovers must fight for their right to choose their life is our 1st and toughest barrier to fight.

in this modern world where every adult is engaged with some other one,it shall be the responsibilty of their parents to ask and talk of their relationship before marrying to some other person of their own caste.

forced marriage only to save their "nak" and concerning about society "ki log kya kahnge" should be avoided, if they truly love their child and want them to be happy.



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