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Our Temples Our Money

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I recently read a blog by famous actor Nana Patekar. This not just moved me but inspired to start a small initiative and Act now than just be a spectator. He mentions about farmers he has seen searching for a lost 2 rupees coin in scorching heat and spending half a day while same person is donating a 5 or 10 rupees in the temple. Same farmer committing suicide as he can not repay 1000 rupees loan and in the hope that if he commits suicide then his family will get money from the Government. Thousands of farmers across Maharashtra and India are committing suicide. Their children don't have level playing fields like our children in terms of opportunity and education. This is not only about farmers but for all those who don't have same privileges as we do.
I am keen to launch a campaign : Fight against the Hoarders of Wealth. Let's sign up for Nationalization of Temple's Wealth and distribution of the same for public welfare. Prominent temples if you look in Maharashtra itself get 1000 plus crores every year. What really happens to that money. Is this earned by the temples / Gods / Pujaries? If it is earned by the God or in the name of the God and For the God then who has right on this money? God wants to help those who are deprived / under privileged. seating with them
First I want to start with a campaign do you agree? Y/N that the money earned by the Temples and wealth they have should be Nationalized / then Government should draw out a plan how to use this money for the benefit of common man..
Your support is key. Once we have enough number of people supporting this we can look at filing a petition in the public interest.
Let's Make it clear
Money in the name of the God, For the God and by the God (temples) belongs to People and not Trust!
Let's start a campaign. Our Temples Our Money!

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