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Last September, our class raised over a thousand dollars for the Terry Fox Foundation. As a prize for our massive contribution, our teacher planned for us to go to Suter Brook Village, a nice, urban shopping center, filled with restaurants, and cute little shops. Now, seven months later, we are finally going.


We were supposed to go one of the Fridays, when everybody could go, but unfortunately, our teacher was very, very sick. Now, we plan to go THIS FRIDAY. This is where the complications begin.

The day we are supposed to go is ALSO the day when three students (including me) have a band field trip. Also, one of our students has a HUGE dance competition. That is four students away, plus the one student who will be sick probably. So, with these circumstances, that is FIVE STUDENTS AWAY. Now, our teacher clearly doesn't care about my feelings, or the other children's. This really INFURIATES ME because, we worked just about as hard as the other students in our class, to get our money.

So now, we have started a petition. Seems quite unnecessary but trust me it is.

We are asking for your help! Get this petition to 100 signatures! Let my friends and I go to Suter Brook Village on our field trip! Every signature counts!


- a helpless grade 8 student, and her friends

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