Allow to kill rapists publically with lots of torture and pain

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This will help to bring a change obviously.. Because going to ask for a help from police is of no use.. Even they are involved in such activities. We are also aware abt the recent case where a father went to police for filing complain abt some boys who were harrasing his daughter. And police started torturing father, kept him in the lockup where he died!! So expecting anything from these people is useless.. Anyone is taken as police officer nowadays.. We cannot change mentality of rapists or these kind of people.. So the only option left with us is to punish these bloody rapists by torturing them with that pain which they enjoy while giving to any girl.. Government should take strict action or else we should be allowed to seek justice for all victims.. May be these person become scared of as today we girls are.. We have fear and that is the reason these bloody rapists get strength for thier dirty work..

We should be capable of making these people having same kind of fear.. And we are capable..

 Join hands together and move forward to end this today itself