Tell Sprint, “It's not just about access for 300k people, it's about quality access.”

Tell Sprint, “It's not just about access for 300k people, it's about quality access.”

October 9, 2015
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Started by Mobile Beacon and Mobile Citizen

Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure has publicly committed to “empowering young people with education and technology so they can change their lives and change the world for the better.”

But in 2015, Sprint’s actions proved otherwise. Instead of empowering people, Sprint threatened the Internet access of the 420 schools, 62 libraries and 1,820 nonprofit organizations we work with. We took legal action and your voices to the court to #stopsprint. Through the power of the court and your support through this process, Sprint heard your voices, too.

The court has granted a request filed by Mobile Beacon, Mobile Citizen and Sprint to extend a preliminary injunction that will keep our community online. This gives us more time to work with Sprint and ensure every last member of our community is given the opportunity to transition to Sprint’s LTE network with a service that is not capped or throttled. The updated list of the WiMax shutdown schedule by city is available here.

This is a positive step in the right direction – but there is still much work to do. We will continue to hold Sprint accountable in the court to ensure long-term access. With more than 20 years remaining on our contract, the long-term resolution of this case will impact the level of broadband service available to hundreds of thousands of users over the next two decades. We want to make sure all of the organizations and people who rely on our service will never be relegated to second-class service.

Keep the movement going strong! We still need your help to elevate the voices of those that will be impacted if Sprint backtracks on its commitment to the American public. America is strongest when those in need have access to the technology that builds an educated, empowered and engaged public. Together we can make sure everyone has the chance to keep their access to the Internet and the essential programs and educational opportunities we all need to fully participate in the world around us.

Share the petition and make sure Sprint does its part to ensure everyone keeps quality access!

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This petition had 5,598 supporters

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