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Put Pencil to Paper! This tax bill harms our education system!

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This new tax bill is disastrous in many forms, but particularly with regard to our education system. We are demanding that Congress "Put Pencil to Paper" in this legislation, demanding that if a corporation can deduct its pencils, paper, and other supplies to function, a teacher must be afforded the same liberty. 

Additionally, this tax bill will significantly hinder the ability of those seeking graduate level degrees to pursue one by saddling them with even more student debt and significantly increasing the tax turmoil on students. For an administration claiming to care so much about jobs, it is imperative that we have a competitive work force able to compete in a global economy - and that starts with education.

Do not deprive middle school students the ability to learn due to inadequately funded classrooms as a result of increased tax burdens on hardworking teachers. Do not punish students for seeking knowledge. Use this money to demand a minimum wage increase, not simply hope that corporations will do so willingly, even though our textbooks show that history does not support that claim. Help make education stronger and more affordable, not a financial trap. 


Put Pencil to Paper and promise you will not grant corporations stronger liberties for their supplies than you would the hard working educators who create the future leaders of our society. 

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