Duty to report a person in distress by calling 911 or a first responder

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I'm starting this petition because of my friend Eric Ashby. He had been missing since June 28th 2017 due to four friends leaving him and not calling 911. When this petition was originally made we were still searching for him but his body was eventually found having been there for months. Not only did they leave but they did not even call 911. He had been living in Colorado for about a year and on this day had went into the Arkansas River. He was last seen by a bystander hanging onto a rock for dear life. We were not aware of anything happening to Eric until 10 days later. Therefore there was no search and rescue or anything until after family and friends realized what happened and started a group that was named find Eric Ashby. Recently the man in Florida, Mr Dunn that was videoed by several teens as they laughed and watched him die. Our friend and this man could have possibly been saved if someone would have just called 911. We have realized that none of these people can be prosecuted because there is no law in place. Many states have already adopted this law and I feel ALL STATES should. I urge you to sign this petition and think if it was your mother, brother, child etc. All we ask is that you call 911 or an emergency response team if you see a person in distress I don't think that is too much to ask. See our facebook page listed under Eric's law                                Thank you, Allison Bennett.                          #ericslaw




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