Army rule in Kashmir. Algao wadi neta Ko jail. Indian force good facilities.

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Kashmir main only president rule. Our Indian law apply in Kashmir. All Indian boarders specially Pakistani boarder  high tech. Before joining politics every politician join should Indian army for 5 years Only in boarder duty.

From all Indian family one person should be in Indian force. This law implement immediately. 

Sir politics is not a family business. Agar koi family Mai wife,beta ,beti ,son in-law  capable ho toa next ticket election ki milni chahiye otherwise no because politics is not a family business. Politics Desh banata aur khatam karta hai. Kyunki wo Desh aur state ka representative hota hai. Jo bhi meetings hon waha please please and please Prime minister ji Ko Ji ya Mr Laga kar address Kiya jaye. Because He is father of our nation.

Sir from every area MLA should take one public meeting in a month. Sir Delhi Ko Chandigarh ke jaise design try kar de please. Sir one plant from every house. To be take care. Sir God Bless namah shivaya

Thank you


Shweta Kundra and Mr Vijay Kumar Rathi.