Ban Single-Use Plastic Products

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Every second, minute, year there's been consumption of billions of metric tons of single-use plastic products. Plastic waste can be so easily avoided but we still use these products in our everyday life. Why is that? This is because to us, plastic products are easy to use and accessible - asking for a bag at the grocery store or getting a plastic straw whenever ordering your favourite drink. However, there are hundreds of different ways that you can go about your everyday life while also being environmentally safe (reusable bag, steel straws, etc.). These plastic products may not seem to have such a huge impact in our own lives at the moment but we don't realize the impact it could have/has on our oceans, our air, our future. Throwing away our used plastic products is easy but when we think about what happens to it - that's when we realize that we can't just throw it away and forget about it. Plastic pollutes our air and water, when burned chemicals are released into our atmosphere and can be leaked into the ground, eventually running off to oceans, streams and rivers. We may think that this will never affect us but with all of this pollution contributing to climate change, our world could be suffocated by a simple plastic bag. Help stop the use of plastic products now to see a positive change in our future!