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Donald Trump is helping prisoners with unfair sentences get out with a clemency. My mother Gail Owens has been incarcerated for over 7 years now. She got a 20 year sentence for half of what was based on what the judge thought, felt, might have happened, his exact words. She did not get sentence on evidence. The federal attorneys Co Hurst her to sign a plea  or they were going to put her entire family away  then they promised her a certain amount of time 10 years and added another ten years after they had already signed the plea. They made a mockery of her  and sentenced her with the max just because they could. She has a family that misses her dearly grandchildren that are being raised without her in their life. She has medical problems just recently broke her arm in the federal prison do to their handicap bar being loose she fell down in the shower and they made her walk around with a broken arm for months with no medical treatment. She had to have her arm re broken twice. Septic infection in her arm and went through a bunch of medical issues due to it and her arm is still not right. The federal system sentences prisoners with unfair sentences that are unrealistic. My mom was an addict that was her guiltiness. She was controlled by a substance that she never should have been. She needed help not put away for the rest of her life. Even prisoners that have molested children or murdered people don't even get that long. I would love to have my mom come home be free from addiction and free prison. She doesn't deserve death Behind Bars due to drug addiction. If you please help us sign this we might get the attention of Donald Trump to set her free. Please think of it as your family and find the heart to not only pray for her release but to help out with her release  by signing this petition . Help me give her a second chance would she deserves. Thank you..

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