OUR loved ones are NOT "In good Spirits."/ We want CHANGE

OUR loved ones are NOT "In good Spirits."/ We want CHANGE

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Mr. Inslee, Mr. Lindquist, and Ms. Strange,

I am a stakeholder of Washington State and have a loved one currently housed in a facility that you overlook as leadership.

 As a stakeholder, I need you to know that the conditions and treatment of my loved one I cannot tolerate. 

The current mission of the Department of Corrections is:

 To improve public safety by positively changing lives. I feel that mission statements like this are pretty powerful. However, at this moment, I cannot agree that as all of you are the leaders of this state and this department that this mission statement is not being followed, my loved one and many others are expressing serious concerns that the department of corrections is not following the current Pandemic CDC guidelines.

We realize that the outbreak is affecting many, including the department's employees. 

 This letter to you as the leader(s) is to raise the voice of my loved ones by raising their voice. 

I am a constituent of this state, and I am asking that the leadership of this letter please act now to follow the current CDC guidelines to improve the current conditions of how my loved one is treated.

I am very concerned for my loved ones well being, mentally and physically. I believe that there are other solutions to the current outbreak protocol. As a stakeholder, I would like a seat at the table of this bureaucracy to collaborate in hopes to raise the voice of my loved one so that when (Insert they) do come home, I can believe that the mission of the department of corrections was true and correct and I can proudly say that The department of Corrections positively changed my loved ones life and the communities will be kept safe.

As a stakeholder and being impacted by incarceration, I should not have to worry while my loved one is in your care.

As leadership, I hope that your attention to this letter will be highly considered and that my loved ones' life will be valued, as they should.

The following concerns need to be addressed:

No communication
No showers
Frozen food
No programming
No visitation
Broken kiosk machines
No Yard/Gym time
I will be joining with many other stakeholders to continue to raise the voice of my loved ones till we are heard.

Millions of dollars are sitting in the IIBF (Incarcerated Individual Betterment Fund) that can be used to ensure that our loved ones have some hope.  

I will be attending a Statewide Town Hall Meeting held on Thursday, February 10th. At 7:00 pm PST, I was informed that you had been invited. Please attend.

Your attention to this letter is genuinely appreciated.

Standing in solidarity for a better WA. 


A loved one that is impacted by their loved one that is incarcerated and believes in HUMANITY! 



74 have signed. Let’s get to 100!