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Our legislators in Washington, D.C.: Force those who filibuster gun control to deliver the filibuster publicly.

Our children's lives are at stake.

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Majority Leader of the United States Senate Senator Harry Reid
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The Senate has no duty more important than protecting our children. In the aftermath of the recent Newtown massacre, which follows massacres in Aurora (CO), VA Tech, Columbine (CO), Fort Hood (TX), Binghamton (NY), Carthage (NC), Tucson (AZ), Alger (WA), Omaha (NE), and so many more, that duty requires Congress to enact reasonable gun control measures. A majority of senators voted for several reasonable measures. A minority of senators betrayed their duty in two ways. First, they opposed the reasonable regulations offered. Second, and more important, they blocked the majority from taking action with a filibuster.

It is time to expose those in Washington who do the bidding of the gun manufacturers while putting our children's lives at risk. Let's force those who threaten to filibuster gun control to deliver the filibuster publicly.

The families of Newtown are watching. So are the families of Aurora, VA Tech, Columbine, Fort Hood, Binghamton, Carthage, Tucson, Alger, Omaha,The families of those who will die in the next massacre are watching. We will remember. We will all remember. Let us see those who filibuster any reasonable safety measures regulating these weapons. Make them to express their views publicly where we can all see. We want to remember what they are doing now. Let us hear their voices. Let us remember the words they use to expose our children to danger. We will want to remember who prevented action when the next massacre occurs.

I realize it will be an inconvenience for our senators to sit and listen to opponents of reasonable firearms regulation. However, that is part of your job. When you ran for office and were sworn in, you agreed to fulfill your constitutional obligations. One of them is to listen to your colleagues speak.

Every one of the Newtown families and Gabby Giffords would gladly listen to those senators speak if they could turn back the clock and restore their families. They would gladly listen to your colleagues to have their children back. It is not too much to ask that you listen to those colleagues now if that is what it takes to prevent the next massacre.

Your actions today will make a difference for future potential victims and their families. What will you tell them? Will you blame your colleagues who threatened to filibuster? Why not expose those colleagues now? Why not force the filibustering colleagues to express their views publicly in front of the daily television cameras? Let them filibuster. Let America watch. Let us see the tools of the gun manufacturers create the risk for all our children. America will remember. When the next massacre occurs, America will know who to blame.

Senators who fail to take reasonable action to prevent the next Newtown will have questions to answer in the next election. Reasonable action includes standing up to the filibustering minority. Force their hand. Make them expose themselves. Let us watch them in action.

Without patient senators willing to stand up to a 60 day filibuster in 1964, there would have been no Civil Rights Act of 1964. Our children's right not to massacred in school is at least that important.

The safety of our children demands that you stand up to those who block the majority from enacting reasonable reforms.

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