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People who pollute, should be given severe penalty.

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The rivers are the blood that flows through the entire nation. Can we imagine a life without pure water. Our respective rivers should not be polluted for the survival of the future of our earth and her heritage. The natural resources should be protected by us and that will only show us as humans.

Now garbage throwing at dumping area is ok, but strict penalty should be made if,

  • People throw anything on the road. The daily domestic waste should be given only to the municipal authorities who college garbage from the houses. If on the way any waste is made, they should collect it in a cover and throw it in the dustbin.
  • If people pollute the water bodies like river, lake, sea, pond, etc by washing clothes or vessels . By throwing waste in the water bodies.
  • If people spit on the roads, or excrete human waste in any public places except the public toilets.
  • If factory waste is dumped in the water bodies, the factory should be sealed and heavy penalty should be made.
  • In the ocean, if anybody is throwing plastics or anything that pollutes the water body other than religious sentiments. Because the aquatic animals will be suffering due to the plastics that kills them.
  • If owners of the pets, do not clean the excretion of their pets. While they take their pets to a walk, and if the pet excrete, the owner of the pet should clean it and dispose it properly.
  • If any of the above are not followed, severe penalty should be made to support swatch bharat . And the penalty money can be used for usage of government expenses.

India is very dirty compared to all the counties and its because of 

  1. Lots of dungs that are dumped in the dumpling areas. If these garbages are converted into hydrocarbon energy lot of amazing things can happen like,
  2. Electricity can be produced
  3. Farmers land need not be taken from them.
  4. By extracting hydrocarbon carbon from land only 1 billion electricity can be produced. But by taking hydrocarbon from the garbage we can make 1.5 billion of electricity.
  5. We can also support swatch bharat.
  6. We can avoid global warming by avoiding the evaporation of methane from the garbage.
  7. We can make ample of manure from the waste after taking the methane from the garbage.
  8. Per day in a dumpling area 1000 tons of garbage is dumped.
  9. But from just one ton we can fill 2 cylinders of fuel . For more details click

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