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To all fellow Citizens,

I am writing this letter to urge all Australians and to the Rest of the World to please stand together as one to lobby support in signing this petition and to respectfully call on the Australian Federal Government and Qantas Group to officially declare Captain Kevin Sullivan and his men “National Heroes!"

I am also extending my plea out to all current and former Long Haul/Short Haul Flight Officers and Flight Attendants from around the world to also stand together as one and show the world that we too can make a difference by taking care of our own.

Sullivan who, together with First Officer Peter Lipsett and Second Officer Ross Hales, critically handled Qantas Flight 72 from almost certain disaster on 7 October 2008. These courageous men, led by Sullivan saved the lives of 315 passengers and crew when all they could see was the Indian Ocean. 119 passengers and crew were seriously injured in what was described by many as the Terror Flight from Hell! 

Sullivan a born American served in the US Navy as a Top Gun Fighter Pilot, had no other option but to execute a military manoeuvre. A move Sullivan had practiced many times in the Navy for similar situations. In doing so, he and his crew avoided the possibility of another sudden nosedive which would have been catastrophic and fatal.

Ten years on and now medically retired Sullivan faces an uphill battle and the struggles of managing his PTSD constantly every day. This extraordinary human being has certainly gone above and beyond the call of duty and has certainly ticked all the boxes by far. A very modest and well-respected citizen, Sullivan downplays his heroics acknowledging that it was a team effort just doing their job.

Sullivan has had a huge impact on my life and is certainly “The Man” you can always call on when it matters most. Trust me, I know this, because he saved my life, and this is my small contribution of saying thank you.

So Let's Do This....and give Sullivan and his men the acknowledgment and recognition they rightfully deserve for their remarkable achievements and service to Qantas Airways Limited and to the people of Australia and around the world by sharing this worthy petition forward. Not only did they save the lives of many but also helped strengthened the iconic Qantas brand of Australia and its reputation for what it is today.

I sincerely thank you all for your loyal support!

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God Bless,

Fuzzy Maiava (QF72 Flight Attendant) Medically Retired. 

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