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You saved your hospital, again!

We're happy to give you the brilliant news that Lewisham Clinical Commissioning Group wrote to Lewisham & Greenwich NHS Trust, promising to keep Lewisham Hospital's A&E OPEN! This has been done with the full support of OHSEL, who we all petitioned, and NHS England. This is excellent news for the trust, for the 6000 staff and for your Save Lewisham Hospital campaign- which has united the local community over the last three years to defend our NHS services. The campaign feared that the pressure from NHS England on the six CCGs to cut £1.1billion a year could jeopardise services at the hospital – including the A&E which we fought so hard to save in 2013. We want Lewisham Hospital to continue to successfully provide vital services to our community. This commitment from the commissioners will help the trust continue to retain and recruit the best healthcare staff, which is excellent news. We are pleased that the commissioners clearly understand the importance of thriving District General Hospitals like Lewisham's, and have committed to retain the A&E's at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Woolwich, and Lewisham Hospital. As well as the petition you signed (thanks, again!) the Save Lewisham Hospital Campaign met with representatives from OHSEL and consistently worked to keep people aware of developments that affect community and hospital healthcare. We truly believe that the quick, passionate and reasoned responses you sent to OHSEL influenced their decision to keep our hospital open. We will stay on alert to make sure the commissioners’ 'expectations' that South East London’s A&E departments stay open remains the case in the future. There are still some very serious threats ahead to the NHS, both locally and nationally, from this current government. The future threats are severe: unrealistic NHS and social care budget cuts and targets, crippling PFI debts and unfair changes to NHS staff contracts – highlighted most recently by Jeremy Hunt’s attack on the hours and pay for junior doctors. The SLH campaign will carry on actively drawing attention to the problems that our NHS faces from a government with ongoing contempt for patients, doctors and nurses. We will be hosting a conference on 5th December where you can learn more about the damage this government is doing to the NHS and what we can do to protect it. And to read the text of the letter from the CCG to the trust that reassures us that our A&E is staying open, see here: Thank you again for continuing to support us, please continue to follow us on Facebook (save lewisham hospital) and twitter (@savelewishamae) and get involved! Dr Louise Irvine Chair, Save Lewisham Hospital Campaign

Save Lewisham Hospital Campaign
6 years ago