Let Hannah and Rosie strike for our climate!

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Hi there, we are Hannah and Rosie and we are two very passionate young environmentalists. We want to do everything to protect both our futures and the future of our planet, our common home.

Last week we set up an Eco Society at school and we are trying to reduce our use of plastic and our carbon footprints, this just shows what the earth means to us! This planet is our only hope of survival, so we must try and save it while we can - THERE IS NO PLANET B!

Last week, we asked our headteacher for permission to attend the climate strike on September 20th, like many others around the world. She told us she could not let us protest as if she let us go, she would have to let everyone else in our school go. However, Rosie and I are the only people in our school who are interested, that we are aware of. We do not want to disrupt any of our friends' and fellow students' education, the only thing we want is to be able to protest against climate change, against the sixth mass extinction and against the end of the world as we know it. We understand that our headteacher's duty is to protect us and our education, but what is the point in an education if we do not have a future to use it in?

We are asking you, the people, to sign this petition to support us in being able to fight for our futures. If this petition is successful, we would like to show this to our headmistress, so that she can see what this means to us, and what this means to all of you. Hopefully this might change her mind, and let us fight against the climate crisis head on by going to protests in the future! Thank you, Hannah and Rosie

(We have not used our real names in this petition, as we do not want to get in trouble with our school)