Gas-powered leaf blowers are toxic. It’s time to ban them and create a quiet and clean WO.

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Gas-powered leaf blowers are a serious threat to our public health and our environment. The World Health Organization states that noise created by gas-powered blowers range from 102 and 115 decibels, which experts believe is harmful. They also emit significant amounts of ozone-forming chemicals, fine particulate matter, carbon monoxide, and other air pollutants. A gas-powered leaf blower releases 300 times the levels of hydrocarbons as vehicles on the road.

Despite being a chronic nuisance and public-health hazard, gas-powered leaf blowers are more common and more powerful. The toxic exhaust, dangerous dust and extreme noise they create are harmful to everyone – especially children, seniors, pets, and those with underlying health issues. AND THEY VIOLATE OUR OWN LOCAL NOISE ORDINANCE, which bans machines that produce “extreme noise” and use an internal combustion engine without a “properly functioning muffler.” 

This is also a matter of environmental justice. Landscape workers, largely minorities, suffer the worst effects of breathing in toxic pollutants.

There are so many reasonable alternatives to lawn care that range from electric blowers to campaigns that use fallen leaves as organic matter in our yards and gardens. Join Our Green West Orange and the growing Quiet Communities movement to ensure a quiet and clean West Orange.