Set Up New Indigenous Governments In Every Country Where A Foreign Government Prevails - Both Governments Can Work In Partnership.

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This is important because, in countries like New Zealand, where a group of people from other countries, (who do not have the best interests of the Indigenous at heart) makes decisions for the Indigenous peoples, inevitably, - language, culture, and indigenous civilization, becomes last priority, if at all.  Further to the detriments, equality becomes non-existent, and racism is often the wind that sets sail to foreign governments, evident when the history of Racial Genocide is mapped around the world.

It is my hope, it is my prayer, it is my wish that Aotearoa/New Zealand will become the model by which other countries are able to recover from Racial Genocide, Apartheid, and Racism, even after 200+ years.  

India has proven for the rest of the world, that foreign governments can be over-turned.  However, it is my preference, that in our particular set of circumstances here in Aotearoa/New Zealand, we work together as a united nation, standing together where righteous to do so, standing apart where necessary.

Please sign this petition to help Indigenous peoples attain equality, especially with the rest of the world.

I submit this petition primarily for Africa, the Aboriginie in Australia, the Red Indian in America and Canada, the Welsh in Wales, the Irish in Ireland, the Tibetan in Tibet, and the Maori in New Zealand.  The next country on my list of investigations, is New Caledonia.  I will be adding more countries to this list as I go along, aware as I am, that even when a country displays the indigenous name of it's peoples, sometimes Indigenous Governments are still run by people disloyal to natives.

Please also check out for my thoughts about just how much we must all apologize for the everyday contributions we continue to make to apartheid in affected countries, and the eras of forced slavery of people all over the world, but especially the Africans.  My sense of happiness is crushed by these knowleges, and also how badly the Jewish people were treated throughout the English and German led Holocaust.

To all New Zealanders everywhere in the world, if you haven't already signed this, please also sign our national petition to have a Maori Government operating on behalf of all who support it.  Our intent is to work with New Zealand Government where it is important to do so, and stand apart where necessary:


Much love and humble thanks.


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M.O.A. - M.a.o.r.i. Government Of Aotearoa New Zealand also known as, The Moral Government Of Aotearoa and New Zealand -

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