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Our Future Matters: Call to the next President to Host an Emergency Climate Summit

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The climate crisis is becoming a global emergency for all of us, but especially for the youngest generation. We know our futures are at risk if nothing is done to curb emissions and protect the atmosphere.

We, the youth from Kids vs Global Warming, are standing up in our communities and to our leaders to demand that they come up with a plan to protect our atmosphere as a public trust.  

We have sued the government, we have marched in the streets, and we are now endorsing this petition asking that the next President of the United States publically take the climate emergency seriously and step up to hold a climate summit within the first 100 days in office.  Nothing is more urgent or more important.  We invite you to join us in pressuring the candidates to make a commitment to the youngest citizens of this nation.

We are youth leaders including 17-year old Nelson Kanuk, from Kipnuk, Alaska. His home was threatened by flood last year, he's watched the erosion of the coastline infringe on his village, and is concerned about losing his traditional sustenance lifestyle as food supplies dwindle. Watch his video above.

This summer’s heat waves broke thousands of temperature records. July was the hottest month on record for the continental United States. The U.S. Department of Agriculture issued drought disaster declarations for 1,600 counties in 32 states, representing more than half of all U.S. counties.

11-year old Jaime Lynn Butler from Cameron, Arizona, knows first-hand about climate change from the drought she and her people have experienced in their town. Her family could no longer live on their reservation home because there is no water, and had to get rid of her horse with no water to give him. Watch her video here.

Climate scientists have laid out prescriptions for climate recovery and the technology and tools exist now to build a new energy future to decrease the consequences of climate change.  Political leaders need to look at the data, take seriously the solutions, and come up with a climate emergency plan to protect the planet for our future. 

It needs to begin with a national summit.  More info about the summit here.  We are joining forces with the Climate Summit 2013 coalition, including National Climate Ethics Campaign, NAACP, Friends Committee on National Legislation, and Chesapeake Climate Action Network.

Our Climate. Our Future. Our Revolution. Join us!

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