Our Community, Our Choice. Say "No Rezone" in Erie Commons.

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As citizens of the Town of Erie, we are opposed to the proposed spot rezoning of the parcel of land located in Erie Commons that is bordered by S. Briggs Street to the North, Powers Street to the South, Erie Parkway to the West and Espinoza Street to the East.

The subject site is currently zoned as Commercial but a request has been filed to rezone this parcel to medium-high density residential.  The owners, the Community Development Group of Erie, approached Davis Development to create a conceptual design for a new apartment building.  

The proposed complex is a 5 building, 3-story, 252-unit apartment complex mostly consisting of 1 and 2-bedroom units.  Construction will include an expansive, open parking lot to accommodate nearly 500 vehicles. The complex would be pet friendly and have balconies overlooking all sides.

While we are not opposed to growth or development of this area, we feel an apartment complex is not the right type of expansion. Our primary concerns are:

A Community Feel:

  • The Town of Erie and the Community Development Group said this site was zoned commercial, homeowners understood that when they bought the adjacent properties, the property should not be rezoned.  A movement to rezone this parcel of land is a breach of community trust by town officials.
  • This complex does not fit into the existing family-oriented community of single family residences.
  • This plot of land, surrounded by residential homes on three sides, is in the heart of our community and is the gateway to Old Town Erie. Powers Street is the main thoroughfare for pedestrian access to the recreation center, library and nearby parks.
  • Children and families frequent these sidewalks and traverse this area.

Adverse Impacts:

  • Adding ~ 500 vehicles would generate significant traffic and congestion on local throughways and increase cut-through traffic within the neighborhoods.  Cut through traffic poses a risk to families and children.
  • Foot traffic would increase along public throughways, public corridors, sidewalks, and on neighboring streets.
  • Noise levels would rise from people, dogs, and cars.
  • Pet feces not being picked up and litter irresponsibly discarded are of concerns.
  • The nearest homes are situated only 70-120 feet from the proposed apartment complex.
  • Property values would be negatively impacted.

 Smart Development:

  • The projected build-out population of Erie is 65,526 and there are numerous housing projects already approved in 2018.  We do not need to rush into further development for the sake of development.
  • This plot of land would be ideal for a small grocer or other, local, commercial development.
  • With all of the currently approved residential construction projects (including multifamily rentals) within Erie, the argument that an additional 252 rental units are needed to bring in commercial business is not reasonable.

 Town of Erie Rezoning Criteria:

Under the Town Planning Division's "Rezoning Users Guide", it states the following "Approval Criteria" of a request must be met in order to be granted:

  • The rezoning will promote the public health, safety, and general welfare.
  • The rezoning is not likely to result in significant adverse impacts upon the natural environment, including air, water, noise, storm water management, wildlife, and vegetation, or such impacts will be substantially mitigated.
  • The rezoning is not likely to result in significant adverse impacts upon other property in the vicinity of the subject property. 
  • Future uses on the subject property will be compatible with uses on other properties in the vicinity of the subject property.

Based on the above reasoning and the listed rezoning criteria, the change of rezone from commercial use would have adverse impacts on the community and does not meet these rezoning requirements. We request that rezoning is denied.

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