Together We Can RESTORE Our Community - ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!

Together We Can RESTORE Our Community - ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!

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Started by Bankera Sanya

These situations happen daily - 

“I was on my block speaking to my girlfriend on my phone when six boys on bikes rode towards me. I couldn’t see their faces, they chased me through the estate, caught me and beat me, kicked me, stepped on my head and stabbed me 3 times in my leg and back. I remember screaming uncontrollably, I thought I was going to die. I saw people open their curtains only to close them and I saw people walking past minding their own business. I am not saying that they had to intervene, but at least call the police. I was left on the floor like rubbish, no police or neighbour came to my aid. I hate my community, there is no community“ Young person, 15, Peckham, South London

Knife crime problem will get worse, charity warns, after 14-year-old dies
The Ben Kinsella Trust has said knife crime in London is becoming more deadly after a teenage boy became the latest victim.

What is happening to our community? The community spirit has almost vanished in modern Britain (not exclusivly) and guess what? The Government are powerless against it and if we keep on doing what we have always been doing, the community will indeed die.

Civil unrest is on the increase, violent crime among little children is expanding, extreme and racist views are becoming more mainstream and the trust that neighbours once had in each other is dissolving. Love Thy neighbours NO MORE! People scream "UNITY" but in the same breath they whisper "I CAN'T TRUST THEM" and that narrative has forced many to create a massive 'social fence' that prevents them from stepping outside of their social norm. 

DO FOR SELF!!! - The GDCR General Assembly has declared the 29th day of every single month shall be officially proclaimed and observed as The Global Day of Community Restoration and shall be devoted to commemorating and strengthening the core values and ideas of repair both within the home as well as the community. 
The GDCR General Assembly would like to invite all influencers, residents, teachers, charities, community groups, schools everyone etc to join us to commemorate this Global Day of Community Restoration by doing something special on this day to amplify and activate the GDCR’s aims and intentions.

We need 2000 signatures before we go LIVE. Please SIGN this petition 

171 have signed. Let’s get to 200!