Local theater should serve buckets of fries instead of popcorn.

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Personally it’s a travesty that we are served just plain cliche popcorn instead of the delicious greasy potato sticks that we deserve, our local Fridley theater at the mall in Marshalltown. Should definitely provide us with massive buckets of julienned spuds instead of plain ol’ buttered popcorn. It’s time for change and we deserve this for being loyal patrons of their establishment. I know how much we all love McDonalds fries and if you don’t Wendy’s curly fries are ok too. And if you don’t like either then stop reading this because that means you can’t taste anything delicious. As a community we need to come together and get giant buckets of from as an option for our movie nights with friends and date nights with our significant other. Please sign our petition and let them know we need to make the theater a much more potato friendly place than what it is. Let’s let the theater know we support them and that we need French Fries!