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I'm starting this petition because the mural in Caledonia represents a negative outlook towards the people of the Six Nations reserve, this mural is a barrier to creating a positive image of the Haudenosaunee people.

My friends, family and I would like to change this mural and create a new, positive one, one that shows equality and love, not just between Haudenosaunee and non-native people but to all races as well. We, the youth of Six Nations call to you to help us bring a change to this world, to take down the barrier that separates us from living together in peace and harmony.

Personal story
My name is Raquel Johnson I am from the Six Nations reserve, I've seen so much hatred between non-natives and my people, it brings me to tears knowing there is so much discrimination and hatred in our world but I want to make a change, I want to change this world and I will start this change with this mural. Please help us make a change for the better, help make it better for the generations to come.

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