Draiden needs his mommy

Draiden needs his mommy

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Amber Hicks-Browning started this petition to U.S. Governors and

This is our story.. Its incredibly long but every word you will find as necessary as the last....

In Feb of 2019 Draiden was diagnosed with lupus. HSP. renal disease. high blood pressure. and so they made him immune deficient. His kidneys were failing because his antibodies were destroying his damaged cells. Cells he needs. He had never been more than 4 hours from his mommy. Childrens mercy with his entire team of doctors trained mommy to care for him. Dispense All 6 of his life threatening medications. 24 hours is too many without and would put him in critical condition/death. Check his proteins, blood pressure, become a germaphobe ect..

For about 6 months we fought to make him healthy again. For a while he spent most days in childrens mercy. His kidneys were failing. He had become immune deficient. (Hospitalized For a Week and a half for a 103.8° fever for a tiny dog scratch) everyday we learned something new about his unique condition. Every day it was something new. nothing about this was our fault as parents. We didnt do anything to him. He was born this way. And there's nothing we could do to make it go away completely. Just make it lay dormant.

 Watching him lay there in pain. The rash. The swelling. I couldn't touch him. His blood vessels bursting under his skin. He wouldn't eat. LOSS OF MOBILITY in my arms twice. Staring at me, his eyes saying please help me! All the blood work. Test. Doctors. Biopsy. All necessary to get a true diagnosis. It was painful. I could barely handle being in the room at times. He cried ... We cried.. I couldn't stop it. I couldn't help him.

So i did the only thing i knew would help him. What i felt like any mother would do.  I had to bubble him. So i kept him away from people and their things as Much as possible. We still went in public. We still had lots of fun. I kept him as far off grid as one can in the metro area. I couldn't access the SAFE place i knew. A place where i grew up. Where my whole family did... The woods .. Where there is no virus. No harmful bacteria. Plenty of fun things to explore. There isn't many places up here like that. I can only think of a few. Like a cabin with a tree house up the side.

Despite their report We were never homeless. In the last year we had moved back and forth from the city to the woods down home. But life happens and when he got sick deciding what was best for him and us wasn't open shut. There were several factors into each move. Sometimes It wasn't some marvelous mansion. (Not everyone has a Jacuzzi on the front porch like aunt jess)  But there was always running water. . electricity. A roof over his head. A.C.. He was safe. He was with mommy. He was happy. Bet he was stronger than most. Inside and out. Fearless. Curious. Adamant. Caring. Inquisitive. Mechanically inclined. And he's not even 2. 

I NEVER STOPPED taking him to the doctors. They slowly reduced his prednisone. And every visit told me he was doing amazing. That i was doing amazing. That because of me he was becoming healthy. Lupus never goes away though.. He will always be this way.

In july of 2019 we lost draiden's dad  He was our rock. My partner. My best friend. And So with him went life being easier. (No jack of all trades. No muscle. No-one who understood us.) Just because it stopped being easy doesn't mean we gave up. Or stopped ever. We played together. we worked together. I couldn't trust eaving his life in someone elses hands.

"Where did you get that video?! Shut that off you shouldnt have that. I am not homeless! I live with my grandpa. I am not signing anything. I do this every damn day by myself no matter how hard. Because I am mommy. mommies have no limits. .  Just leave me alone"

These were my words when CPS came to a park in belton with a video they had gotten because some kids had come out to "base" and recorded my son playing, days before. Which i was unaware of. And i believe illegal.

Because of these words. As well as many others i should speak but wont because i wouldn't want to distract you from the reason behind my petition.

Because these teenagers called in that we me and my son were in the woods covered in blood. Which its obvious in the video was a lie. Because of the city officer than was falling down running with panic and his first aid kit. I thought... WTF? Why is he running ? Why does he look so scared? Should we run? His realization of the lies when he seen my son playing on a slide that went into a pool... So he left me alone with some irrefutable advice. And a helping hand I never expected but will always appreciate. Because i am a recovering addict. (With clean UAs mind you) A felon who maxed my parole with a few years violation free. (I am a felon for stealing food) Because i have 5 children before draiden that all have their own story. None of which were involuntary Termination of my rights. None were voluntary either. And some i still have rights too. Because they claimed i was HOMELESS. Even with my grandpa and cousin telling them theyre wrong that i live with them.

They called in higher officers and supervisors. 3 hours of them digging for the credentials needed to sign their form to take my chronically ill baby without grounds to stand on. I begged that woman as a mother on my knees not to take my son. To take us both to a facility if needed. They can have my freedom as long as it meant i had him. That i couldn't do life without him. Without knowing i made every day of what little life he could have as top most favorite awesome days in life for him.

She smirked as she made me remove him from grandpas car and place him in hers. They're report says because i was homeless which isn't enough to remove a child. (Google it ) But i guess enough to put an ex-parte against me? I didnt see him for 3 weeks. What about him? How did this effect his blood pressure??

The video? ...no one knows.

At the 72 hour meeting after the details of that day and every hotline that had been made on my sons father.. Not me. After i spoke about my sons illness and answered all of their questions. After i provided proof of the truth of our address. After they stated that childrens mercy checked him out within  24 hours of them taking him .... And he looked great his kidneys .. Healthy. They turned to the worker that had taken him from me and asked her her recommendations and if she had anything to say. 

"Shes a good mother. She takes very good care of her son. And she loves him very much" is all she said then left before court. Havent heard or seen from her since. 

A local community resource provider said she would fund me. Housing. Attorney. Transportation. Connections. Whatever i needed. She asked me to go take pictures of the place i had been at when the video was taken on "base". To prove that i wasnt out there living in a "hut" with my son.

On my way to do so i felt as if i was being fallowed. Boxed in. So i sent 3 messages. My location. My destination. Phone number. As i was about to hit markey rd. a white extended cab with blacked out windows plate # BPD-1 almost ran me off the road on my bike. I was on the phone telling my friend i felt as if i could be in danger. Reason? Dont know. Reality? I dont care i just want my son. He picked me up and i waited til night to go more prepared. 

Come Morning when i made it back to town i stopped in the park to use the bathroom. 2 male officers unlocked and opened the door yanking me out and arresting me for trespassing during OPEN park hours. I havent yet been convicted for any of the charges from that day. Even so the days time cost me my job....again. Taking away my progress. ....again. The pictures gone. The resource provider took a vacation. The funding?? Gone?. My heart broken. 

I know this some of this sounds crazy, but it's real.  You may think that i may not be a great person. But that would be judgments without knowing me. Everyday every thing i did, was for my son. He is my life. He is all i had left. 

Since then I've moved further north. i have a job and a place to live. all they said i needed was an address. I've been doing everything they've asked. I AM compliant.

My question is what right did they have at all to continue talking to me based on the lies of some kid out muddin where he should of never been. Had he known anything about me he would have known i work there .. WITH A WHOLE CREW! ...I DID NOT LIVE THERE!  Why even after my two witnesses of my address which is their address told them the information was false. where is my parental rights in that? Where are my rights in any of this?? What about draiden? His rights?

My petition is to give draiden back his mommy. "His life will never be normal" said childrens mercy. So i ask you why is it fair to him to take him from the only person he knows and put him through added stress he doesn't need. Are they going to ensure that he doesn't get sick? Because a spec of bacteria can be deadly to him.  Stop CPS fraud. Return our children! Return Draiden to the person who loves him enough to want everyday to be more awesome than yesterday.  Give him back his mommy

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