Our Charity Commission is not effective, competent or transparent - it needs to CHANGE

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This Petition is for a review of the Charity Commission for England and Wales.

The Charity Commission, the regulator of charities, appears not to know what it should be doing or how it should be doing it.

This body, funded by the public:

  1. lacks accountability, leadership and internal reflection
  2. too often fails to act soon enough - or at all
  3. places far too much emphasis on its own public image
  4. has a strong tendency to blame all its failings on a lack of funding
  5. appears to lack a clear strategy for carrying out its role as regulator
  6. is influenced far too much by media stories and untested allegations
  7. overall, it is INeffective, INcompetent and NOT transparent

Worryingly, the Charity Commission also fails to operate in line with:
1. its own operational guidelines [OGs] which are publicised online 
2. the information it provides about itself to the public, the media and MPs
3. the code of conduct set out by the government which applies to civil servants

One charity's story gives testament to this, among others.
African children in their thousands will keep walking vast distances to school.
This is due solely to the Commission's incompetence and mismanagement.

Until recently, there was a link above to a whistle-blowing website.
This whistle-blowing website has now been removed by the Charity Commission.
Have they done so to try to stop people from finding out the truth?

The purpose of this website was simple:
To make disclosures about the Charity Commission in the interests of the public.

However, there are plenty of other sources of evidence to support this petition.
You can find links to some of these sources below, in red.
More links will be added soon.

This Petition is a call for a root and branch review of the Charity Commission for England and Wales, headed by CEO Helen Stephenson, to:
1. review how it is funded, what should be funded - and how 
2. assess its shortcomings and bring about the change that is needed
3. transform the Charity Commission into a regulator that the public deserves

We also ask for the review to include the following questions:
1. Should the regulator be re-focused to concentrate solely on regulation?
2. Should the regulator terminate its function of providing advice to charities? 
3. Should there be a champion for the sector which supports charities?

     The charity sector in the UK is highly valuable to our society.
     Charities fill in some of the gaps left by government policy.
     Additionally, the sector is driven by highly motivated and passionate individuals.
     The need to support those individuals and their charities is self-evident. 
     A champion for the sector could meet the need perfectly.

But for now...

The regulator of charities, tasked and trusted to ensure legal and ethical compliance, needs to operate and conduct itself transparently, legally and ethically. 

If you would like to comment about your own experiences when you sign our petition, that would be really helpful - please do so!


A tangled web: Ten ways the Charity Commission website makes charity finances less transparent

When it comes to high profile cases – often the most serious – the Commission has shown that it can act quickly ... but this does not appear to be the norm

Rt Hon Margaret Hodge MP, Chair of the Committee of Public Accounts:
"...We have little confidence in the Commission’s ability to put right its problems and failings." 

Geoffrey Hand:
"...as long ago as 2013 the National Audit Office found that the Charity Commission: was reactive rather than proactive...