Our Cells are NOT a Drug: Right to Alternative Medicine

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Regenerative medicine has been the HOT topic of discussion for the past two decades, and for good reason. With so much potential, it’s no wonder. However, the growing popularity in stem cells has also brought some issues to light. From the spread of misinformation on social media to questionable clinics offering treatments, these occurrences were bound to crop up with no regulations set in place, until recently. 

On July 10th, 2019, Health Canada released a statement which classified stem cells from your own body as a drug.

“Autologous cell therapy products meet the definition of “drug” and persons who prepare (manufacture) and administer (distribute) them must comply with sections 8 and 11 of the Food and Drugs Act”.  - Health Canada

The Canadian government has stepped in to crackdown on this developing industry in the hope of protecting Canadians. However, this heavy-handed decision has instead been detrimental to the lives of many already existing patients.

Currently, all physicians offering stem cell therapy in Canada have been ordered to cease treatments. Legitimate physicians who have been providing this service for years are now forced to turn away patients who have seen great benefits from their own cells in action. For some, stem cell therapy may be their only option. This alternative to major medical operations and heavy prescription medications are offered around the world. This ruling will only push Canadians to look for treatment outside of Canada. 

As Canadians, we deserve the chance to have an open conversation with our government.

As patients, we deserve to make the choice in our health care.

It is our cells, our health, our choice!

Let us keep Canadians in Canada, while providing safe access to treatment for the opportunity at a better quality of life.

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Our cells are not a drug!


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Excerpt from College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC letter:

"The College is sending this notice to remind registrants that Health Canada classifies all stem cell therapies as drugs under the Food and Drugs Act and requires that a market authorization, or authorization to to administer the investigational drug as part of a clinical trial, be granted before using stem cell therapy to treat a medical condition..."

"Registrants must follow the regulations regarding stem cell therapies as established by Health Canada... "