Medicinal Canabis For Chronic Diseases and Illnesses Australia

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Im am personally a long term sufferer of a chronic disease. I suffer from Rhemathoid Arthritis as well as Fibromyalgia. Ive tried so many different treatment plans for pain management and have found none to be effective. These conditions are non curable but are pain regulated treatments. There are several other conditions that are chronic diseases as well as being extreamly debilitating for a wide percentage of our country.

Please get behined this petition and make it known that for a great majority to treat our medical conditions and diseases this may well be our only way to live a normal functioning lease on life.

Australia is so far behined with this form of medical treatment that is not only approved by law in other countries but is a also highly successful treatmemt for us all.

Lets get this done Australia!! We need all the support we can get from you all to push our Govenment to pass this Law and change the lives of a wide population who are effected daily.

As they say its hard to hear one voice in a crowded place but easily can hear when its thousands!!!!

My goal here is to achieve enough support and signitures to put forward to our Australian Priminister to hopefull help thousands of people who suffer in silence everyday to be able to have an opportunity to have their voices heard and action done right by us all.

Id like to thank you for your support in advance.