Our Animals Deserve a Chance - Stop the use of Inhumane Hoffman’s Kennel & Animal Control

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Brittney Norris
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The residents of Penn Hills are fed up with the unethical business practices and inhumane treatment of animals by Hoffman Kennels Inc. located at 285 Cloverleaf Dr, Delmont, PA 15626. We are calling for the canceling of Hoffman’s contract. The residents of Penn Hills have been having repeat issues with Hoffman’s Kennel and Animal Control during their entire time on contract with the township. Petitions have been raised about these issues in other townships before, however, no change has been made by Hoffman’s to attempt to work better with the residents or to provide better care to the animals when in his possession.

Consistent Issues with Hoffman’s Kennel & Animal Control


  • Residents have reported them for putting down healthy animals before the 48-hour time period.
  • Mr. Hoffman is quoted in an article that at times they shoot the animals to “put them down,” this is inhumane.
  • Residents have reported that when they do manage to retrieve their animals they are often returned in poor physical health, including sores on their bodies. (read Saving Mr. Slobbers for one story)
  • The facility is not kept clean and the smell of urine can be smelled from the lobby.


  • They have no website or active facebook page to share what animals they have.
  • They state nowhere what townships they serve, so residents would not know to look there unless someone told them.
  • They do nothing to publicly promote animals that are available for adoption. 
  • In Hoffman’s lobby is a sign stating that photographs and video are prohibited, so visitors cannot share photos to help animals find their owners or get adopted.


  • Despite animals only having 48 hours to be claimed by owners they do not answer their phone. They state clearly on their answering machine that you must leave a message and wait to be called back, which can take up to 24 hours.
  • Residents are not permitted to stop in even during their stated business hours without a prior appointment by calling and leaving a message.
  • They are not open to the public on weekends when many animals get picked up. Leaving residents unable to get a response for sometimes 3 days or more.
  • The facility is located over 30 minutes outside of Penn Hills. Which means when police transport animals there, it takes over an hour of their time.


  • We are appealing to the municipal council to find a new business to be used for the township kennel and animal control.
  • We our reaching out to other kennels to choose one that provides animals with proper care while in their facility, utilizes current methods to notify the public of the animals they have in their possession, works diligently to get adoptions, and when necessary, provides only humane euthanasia.

Based off the 2010 census there are around 19,490 households in Penn Hills, and it is the second-largest municipality in Allegheny County, after the city of Pittsburgh. Sixty-eight percent of U.S. households, or about 85 million families, own a pet, according to the 2017-2018 National Pet Owners Survey conducted by (APPA). Going by these estimates Penn Hills has roughly 13,253 families with pets.

We owe it to the animals of Penn Hills to give them a better chance to be found and reunited with their families, and all strays deserve a chance to be adopted. The current business practices of Hoffman’s fail to meet the standards for animal treatment and animal control that we, the residents, expect.


  • Please help support our cause by signing this petition to cancel Hoffman’s contract with Penn Hills and ask the council to allow us to source and contract a new kennel.
  • Contact Mayor Sara Kuhn and tell her that you want to see Hoffman’s contract ended. Tel: 412-798-2100, email: mayor@pennhills.org.
  • Share your own Hoffman's story on Facebook @pawsitivevoice, we will be compiling them as examples for the council.
  • If you are interested in coming to the Penn Hills council meeting to help show your support when we present our case contact Brittney at brittneycnorris@gmail.com