Register Child Safety Officers!

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Child Protection Workers have no professional registration body. This means their profession lacks oversight and ethics so vital for our vulnerable children!

Child Protection Workers need to be recognized by an external registration board like so many other professions.

Their impact on a family and child can be severe. A child can be removed under suspicion of abuse or neglect. No evidence is required.

Read the Children and Young Persons Act 1997.

No one would argue being proactive. No one would argue what’s in the child’s best interests. No one wants child abuse or neglect.

Teachers, nurses, doctors, lawyers, police and psychologists who deal with children have to maintain registration with an external organization. This process maintains high professional standards and eliminates corruption and criminal activity.

Child Protection Workers need to be accountable.

You can write to any politician who’ll explain they’re on the “outer” and don’t fully understand how the department works.

You can speak or call any media outlet, they won’t publish your story due to editorial policy.

Good luck trying to visit, speak or email the Children’s Commissioner 

You can do every course CPS ask you to complete without recognition

You can speak to the police about criminal behaviour within CPS

You can write to the secretaries about public sector “code of conduct” breaches.

But only a magistrate (or secretary) can overturn their decisions in a closed court. 

Signing this petition is a step towards making a fairer child protection system for both the child and their family.

Please Minister Jaensch introduce registration for Child Protection Workers. 

Children are our passion and our future depends on it.

Paul Schlüter

Child Protection Party Tasmania