Ask Oundle Primary School to request an Ofsted inspection before becoming an academy.

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Oundle Primary School hasn't been inspected by Ofsted since 2011 and is soon to become an academy. In 2011, OPS was found to be an outstanding school.

Given that new academies are usually exempt from inspection until at least their third year, it could be 2021 (or even later) before the school is again inspected by Ofsted.

We believe that a gap of ten years (or more) between inspections is far too long, and we politely and respectfully ask that the school's governing body and Senior Leadership Team request that the school be inspected prior to becoming an academy.

Who should sign this petition?

Anyone with a connection to Oundle Primary School including, but not necessarily exclusive to, parents, future parents, the extended family of pupils, current staff, ex-staff and anyone else connected to OPS.

Why request an Ofsted inspection?

  • OPS hasn't been inspected by Ofsted for approximately 7 years (as of June 2018) and this could extend to 10 or more years once the school joins an Academy Trust as it intends to.
  • A full Ofsted inspection prior to OPS joining an Academy Trust will provide a benchmark against which the success of joining the trust can be measured.
  • Because the school hasn't been inspected for over 7 years, any parents deciding which school to choose, may conclude that the school's outstanding rating is now outdated and irrelevant.
  • Any weaknesses identified by Ofsted can be worked on. Strengths can be celebrated and used to promote the school.
  • Governors and staff will be made aware of any weaknesses and can act to improve them.
  • The Academy Trust taking on the school will have a clearer picture of how OPS functions, which can only help it to manage the school.
  • There has been no inspection since OPS moved to the Middle School site and became a 5 - 11 school, rather than a 5 - 9 school. Oundle Middle School was last inspected in 2013 and was rated as 'requiring improvement'.

What if the inspection results in OPS being rated as something other than 'outstanding'?

  • Identified weaknesses could be worked on.
  • The impact of joining an Academy Trust could be measured against the inspection's findings.
  • The Academy Trust would be made aware of the school's weaknesses and can act accordingly.
  • Current and prospective parents would be given a true picture as to the school's performance.
  • The school would be improved.

What if the inspection results in OPS being rated as 'outstanding'?

This would be fantastic news.

  • The school would be able to legitimately promote itself as an outstanding school.
  • The Academy Trust would be aware that it is taking on an outstanding school, and that it would come under intense scrutiny should any future inspections rate the school as less than outstanding.
  • Even outstanding schools have weaknesses and, once identified, these weaknesses could be worked on. The school is improved.
  • Staff morale would be improved.
  • Current parents would be reassured.
  • Prospective parents would be assured.