Academic Reform and Change For Student and Staff

Academic Reform and Change For Student and Staff

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Pablo Luis-Herrera started this petition to Ouchi-O'Donovan 6-12 Complex

Hello students, alumni, parents, teachers and all who care for the well being of Ouchi-O'Donovan student population!

The actions of Ouchi-O'Donovan administration have made it clear that they are not acting in accordance to their mission statement.

As a group of students, alumni, and concerned community members, we have been collectively working on gathering demands against Alliance Ouchi-O'Donovan 6-12 Complex, which will be presented to administration (Tramble, Funes, Dr. Ouchi, etc.) in the form of a town hall that will be open to the public.

If you support the following demands please sign the petition { Spanish version on google form} (A more extensive explanation of our demands can be found in the link at the bottom):

1.More accommodating codes of conduct (ex: random searches, dress codes, threats to students, disciplinary actions) (Divest from policing use funds for students) 

2.Fostering more well rounded students through the use of electives, seminars, and classes focusing on college skills (taxes, loans, healthcare, housing)

3.Make social issues and/or ethnic studies to be part of the core curriculum

4.Rollbacks on standardized teaching and testing: Common core places a focus on skills not content meaning teachers should have freedom when creating lesson plans. Students can feel the pressure admin places on teachers and on themselves, it is a harmful learning environment and must change.

5.Dismantling tracking (based on GPA, standardized test scores, UC eligibility, rank, etc) between classes in an effort to give all students equal academic opportunities. A part of addressing this is removing the ranking system of students within the school. Admin has exhibited biased behavior towards students based on their GPA and rank. This information should not be so heavily relied on to allocate resources to students.

6.More research-based support and interventions for students who are struggling

7.A comprehensive system when it comes to hiring teachers. Teachers should have a diverse teaching/educational background and have a deep understanding of the community they are serving.

8.Getting rid of staff members who do not contribute anything or perpetuate the systems of oppression within the educational system.

9.Be transparent on issues that affect students directly. This includes school shooting threats, weapons on campus, sexual assault and any other activity on campus that put students directly in harm.

Regarding the town hall, Please also fill out the google form to voice opinions (spanish or english)

[En español] :

*Town Hall: July 9 2020 4pm* (Zoom Call, Fill Out Form above to get link emailed or texted )

Extended list of Demands:

Thank you! Let's Make Change!

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